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[ Change Log Summary ]

- Actual release: 4.2021b

- Former versions:

Version 2.9

Version 2.8

Version 2.7

Version 2.6

Version 2.5

Version 2.4

Version 2.3

Version 2.2

Version 2.1

Version 2.0



- Older versions:

Version 1.9

Version 1.8

Version 1.7

Version 1.6

Version 1.5

Version 1.4

Version 1.3

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

Version 1.5

Release date: July 14, 2008

Build up with Sphider v.1.3.4


Improved Suggest Framework. Now suggestions are presented also for queries with accented letters.

Enable real-time output of logging data. Selectable in Admin setting together with the update interval (1 - 10 seconds).

In order to prevent performance problems and memory overflow for large amount of URLs, Sphider-plus may clean resources during index / re-index. Selectable in Admin settings, this item periodical will:

- Free memory that is allocated to unused MySQL recourses.

- Unset PHP variables, which are no longer required.

Define max. length of URL presented in result pages.

An additional input field in Admin "Search Settings" is presented for Admin determination.

For 'Maximum length of page title displayed in search results' the title now will be broken at the end of the word exceeding the defined length. Not inside a word at the character count limit defined in Admin setting.

PDF converter for LINUX/UNIX Operating Systems included.

Needs to be individualized according to readme.pdf documentation, chapter

'PDF converter for Linux server.' Thanks to rasc.

Additional item in Admin section: Server Info

To be found in submenu 'Statistics', important information are presented for:

- Server

- Environment


- PDF converter

- php.ini file

- PHP integration

Enlarged Admin interface if database is empty.

Improved printout for database connection problems. Now MySQL error message is included.

Improved printout if text converter could not extract words from PDF, DOC, XLS etc. files.

Improved printout for Database Backup Management.

Modified installation script. Thanks to Flemp.

Font file renamed to captcha.tff (former: captcha.TTF). Thanks to ethix.

All style sheets now are centralized in .../templates/all_folders/thisstyle.css

Consequently the file .../include/js_suggest/SuggestFramework.css is no longer required.

Function 'create sitemap()' improved for XML conformity and moved from script .../admin/spider.php to script ../admin/spiderfuncs.php.

Bug fixed in 'Phrase Search' if UTF-8 support is not selected.

Bug fixed in highlighting of found keywords on result page.

Some small bug fixed for mysql queries.


Involved files that have been modified / added for this release:


























Attention: Starting with version 1.5, Sphider-plus supports real-time output of logging info during index / re-index procedure. This item requires an additional table for the database. If you update from a former version of Sphider-plus, please run the .../admin/install_reallog.php script. If you upgrade from original Sphider or install from scratch, you don't need to run this script. Its features are also included in the other installation scripts.