Sphider-plus version 4.2021b - The PHP Search Engine

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- Actual release:    4.2021b

- Former versions:

          Version 4.2021a

          Version 3.2020d       Version 3.2020c

          Version 3.2020b       Version 3.2020a

          Version 3.2019c

          Version 3.2019b       Version 3.2019a

          Version 3.2018b       Version 3.2018a

          Version 3.2017b        Version 3.2017a


          Version 3.2016d        Version 3.2016c

          Version 3.2016b        Version 3.2016a


          Version 3.2015e        Version 3.2014c

          Version 3.2015d        Version 3.2014b

          Version 3.2015c        Version 3.2014a

          Version 3.2015b        Version 3.2013b

          Version 3.2015a        Version 3.2013a



- Older versions:


          Version 2.9          Version 1.9

          Version 2.8          Version 1.8

          Version 2.7          Version 1.7

          Version 2.6          Version 1.6

          Version 2.5          Version 1.5

          Version 2.4          Version 1.4

          Version 2.3          Version 1.3

          Version 2.2          Version 1.2

          Version 2.1          Version 1.1

          Version 2.0          Version 1.0


Version: 3.2016d

October 11, 2016

Build up with Sphider: v.1.3.5


New feature:

Ignore the content inside of 'option' tags like

in body part of the HTML. To be activated in admin backend.


New feature:

Besides JSON and XML result output file, now also a RSS feed is created.

Separately for text and media results.


New feature:

In query log of admin 'Statistics' show/hide the hostname, country and geo info for each query input.

To be activated in admin backend.


If selected in admin backend, the advanced part of the search form is suppressed now.


Bug fixed in result presentation 'Like Google (Top 2 per URL)'.


Bug fixed in search form for category selection.


Bug fixed in option 'Do not index comment parts '.


Some small bugs fixed.


Involved files that have been modified / added for this release: